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By Jim Ostrowski

November 6, 2003


          The lesson of the election?  Same as the lesson of virtually every other election in Erie County history.  Incumbents win.  Thirteen incumbents ran for County Legislator.  All won.  Seven incumbents won for Buffalo Councilman.  One incumbent lost but she really lost in the primary election.  Our illustrious county executive won.


          Incumbents win because they attract more contributions because they spend their careers catering to those inclined to contribute.  They win because they use our tax money to buy votes.  They win because they are professionals fighting amateurs.  Even wealthy amateurs and brilliant amateurs canít beat incumbents who have not exactly set the world on fire. 


          So, expect more of the same.  Loss of people; loss of jobs; loss of hope; machine politicians continuing to build up those pension credits, preparing for that warm weather retirement when they can forget about the poor saps whose home town they destroyed.


It's More than a book.  It's an Event!