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“Political Class Dismissed” (order now) is an unrelenting assault on America’s (and Buffalo’s) political class: the people who have seized political power and used it to advance their own private interests—domestic and foreign─at our expense.


The author is uniquely qualified to expose the political class, growing up in a political family, being a former liberal Democratic activist and candidate, and practicing law in state and federal courts for twenty years.  His trenchant and unprecedented critique of today’s courts is alone worth the price of the book. He has been fighting the political machine for over twenty-five years, culminating with this broadside.


The centerpiece of the book is a 25,000-word essay detailing the decline of Buffalo, the quintessential rust belt city, from 1960-2000, explaining its causes and identifying its villains.  Weaving together economic analysis, political theory, historical research and extensive personal experience, the author offers a panoramic view of the decline of one of America’s great industrial cities. 


That’s just one of fifty incisive essays on politics, history, law, economics, war and peace.  There are “personality profiles” of Thoreau, Roosevelt, Chomsky, Clinton and Lincoln.  Throughout the book, the reader gets the straight dope about politics from a writer who is pulling his own strings.


The bookstores and best seller lists are crammed with books about politics by authors who are superb at self-promotion but who are peddling ideas that have been tried and have failed many times in many places in many ways.  Don’t waste your money on the usual suspects.  Einstein said, “Craziness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”


Try something new for a change.  Try “Political Class Dismissed”.  It’s what the political and legal and media establishments do not want you to read.


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