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            This is the political site of a man who happens to be a lawyer.  It is not an advertisement for my law practice.  It is not connected to my law practice.  I maintain a firewall between politics and my law practice.  I do not believe, like Kunstler did, that lawsuits can bring about fundamental political change.

          Common decency and prevailing law allow me to practice a trade without retaliation from government officials for my political views.  Any officials who see things differently should exercise extreme caution.  They should also review the relevant case law.  Start with Perry v. Sindermann, 408 U.S. 593 (1972).

          I have not hesitated to sue high-ranking government officials, including judges, in the past.  I will do so again in a millisecond if necessary to protect my rights and the rights of my clients.  Go ahead.  Make my day!


It's More than a book.  It's an Event!