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The Big Eight Essays


 “What’s Wrong With Buffalo: a Rothbardian Analysis” in J. Ostrowski, Political Class Dismissed.  Buffalo, NY: Cazenovia Books, 2004.


The Rise and Fall of Jury Nullification


DiLorenzo vs. His Critics on the Lincoln Myth


 Does Democracy Promote Peace?

(Working Paper—Future Book)


An Analysis of President Lincoln’s Legal Arguments Against Secession

Thinking About Drug Legalization

“The Moral and Practical Case for Drug Legalization,” 18 Hofstra L. Rev. 607 (1990).

“Answering the Critics of Drug Legalization”, in Krauss, Melvyn B. and Edward P. Lazear, ed. Searching for Alternatives: Drug Control Policy in the United States. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press, 1991.



A Real Education


A Panoramic History of the First Amendment


The Supreme Court Was Correct (But Not Right)


Status Quo Wins

The Presidential Diary

Press Release

Trial Summations

Murder Case—The Six Elements of a Phony Confession

Manslaughter Case—Tell Them What They Want to Hear

Burglary Case—The Witness Did It


Appellate Briefs

Brief on Appeal

Reply Brief

Petition for Rehearing

 Recall City Hall!

Free Martha (Kostyra) Stewart!

Free Rush Limbaugh!

Greater Buffalo Needs an Independent Think Tank