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The JimOstrowski.com Difference


Here you will get the straight dope on national and local politics.  No one pulls my strings.  I have no hidden agendas.  I hold no public or party office other than notary public.   I am not running for office.  I am running from office.


I do not fall for political propaganda or the lies of politicians or their public relations lackeys.  I am, after all, a trial lawyer.  I am by trade a professional BS detector.


Unlike some “libertarians,” I am not a flack for big business or the Republican Party.   I do not hesitate to praise leftists when they’re right and I’ll defend conservatives even when they hoist themselves on their own petard.


I draw on a quarter century experience in politics and two decades as a lawyer and free-lance writer.  I learned the law from my father, a judge for thirty years and member of the American Law Institute. 


I learned about economics personally from Murray Rothbard, dean of the Austrian School of Economics.  I learned about politics the hard way.   I earned a Ph.D in anti-politics from the School of Hard Knocks.